Alabama Multicultural to hold a free event on Oct. 27; traditional Dia de los Muertos at the Rotary Trail in downtown Birmingham

  • The free to the public event will feature 30 altars (ofrendas). Anyone can build an altar for a loved one at no cost.

  • 15 local artists will feature Latin inspired artistry: jewelry, fine arts, crafts, and face painting.

  • The five city block cultural event will host 5 local latino restaurant and food truck vendors from Birmingham and surrounding communities for patrons to enjoy from 12PM - 8PM with food prices ranging from under $5 to $10.

  • Local/ Regional musicians and dance troupes will perform along the Rotary Trail where patrons are welcomed to donate to performers for their talents. Be on the lookout for various street performances throughout the trial.

Birmingham, AL. — Alabama Multicultural Organization (AMOR) is hosting its 2nd annual Dia de los Muertos cultural event at the Rotary Trail. The nonprofit will be holding a free admission Dia de los Muertos on Sat., Oct. 27 in Birmingham from 12:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. where they will host their second event with 30 community altars (ofrendas), 5 Latin Restaurants and Food Trucks, 15 Artists, and several local/ regional dance troupes and musicians.

The venue, the Rotary Trail, is a Birmingham trail located on 1st Avenue South between 20th St S and 25th St S in the heart of the Magic City two blocks east of Railroad Park.

The Rotary Trail, the size of 5 city blocks, has a capacity for several patrons at a time, along with tunnels, stairs, and ramps to access the trail and the street-levels along the trail.

Tickets will not be required since this is a free admissions event. This is made possible by our sponsors: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, City of Birmingham, Birmingham Parks and Recreation, and Latinos Unidos Specialized Services.

Volunteers will put the finishing touches to the Rotary Trail the day of the event similar to a pop-up event in which they will have one day to set-up and tear down.

AMOR President, Robert Hernandez, said, “We are excited to have the Dia de los Muertos once again at Birmingham’s Rotary Trail, we have planned an entire community oriented Dia de los Muertos traditional cultural experience for our guests.”

We are also conscious of the environment by leaving no trace of activities where we host events. All are responsible for bringing and taking what they brought and to leave them in a better state than when we found them. Everyone is invited to participate by doing.

Out of respect to our loved ones and to be a truly family friendly experience, no alcohol and smoking will be allowed along the Rotary Trail. Patrons are encouraged to come with their “calavera” attire and faces painted. Strollers and small dogs are allowed.

We are a non-profit named AMOR which stands for Alabama Multicultural Organization. The acronym AMOR means “love” in spanish. Its vision is to engage people in embracing diversity and cultures through our unique ability to see opportunities in communities where we live, learn, and play so that we can have a better understanding of the beauty of life through arts, culture, and education.

The most important touchpoint for this event is the value in our community’s culture. As Participants of society and being able to reflect and commemorate our loved ones. This is for them and nothing we do can substitute the purpose behind this tradition of remembrance and love.

Some of the main altars will be centered around our loved ones and popular artists who have passed away. The deceased will be serenaded, remembered, and celebrated throughout the day with mariachi, folkloric dances, and decorated altars.

Future multicultural center expected
With the World Games coming to Birmingham in 2021, AMOR will be focused on opening up a multicultural center in the city of Birmingham. It will incorporate Arts, Culinary, Music, Dance, Theater, and Film as a way to create opportunities for diversity, inclusion, and culture through education.

The new multicultural center will provide visitors with a taste of Alabama and its many cultural aspects. Its vision is to expose community members, local organizations along with nonprofits, clubs, schools, and universities to cultural and art experiences.

Board Members include Robert Hernandez, President; Ashley Limon, Vice-President; Stephen Tsimpides, Secretary; Wynn Smiley, Board Member at Large; Julianna Jackson, Board Member at Large; Natalie Evans, Board Member at Large; Alex Day, Board Member at Large; Hyun Freeman, Board Member at Large; Tamara Moriya, Board Member at Large.

Email:; Follow AMOR @alabamamulticultural and Día de los Muertos @alabamaddlm on Facebook and Instagram.

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